US Production

Our goal is aimed at consistently supplying our customers with high quality printed circuit boards that are delivered on time, every time. We will achieve this through an attitude of continuous improvement, which involves consistent processing, total employee involvement, and anticipating future customer needs, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

  • Established PCB Manufacturing Leader in Northwest USA.
  • Over 30-year Track Record of High-Quality PCBs and On-Time Delivery
  • Long-Term Dedicated Staff of Over 40 Employees Committed to Your Success
  • Financially Stable íV Modern Facilities and High-Tech Equipment are Owned
  • 1-2-3Week Normal Lead Time on Single-Sided, Double-Sided or Multilayer Rigid PCBs
  • 24-Hour Quick-Turn Capability on Prototypes
  • UL-Rated High-Tech Laminates in Stock íV FR-4, Rogers, Polyimide
  • RoHS Compliant íV Various Laminates & Lead-Free Final Finishes
  • ISO 9001:2000, UL Listed
  • We inspect to IPC-A-600 and Fabrication in accordance to IPC-6012 Class I, II, & III
  • Competitive Domestic Prices
  • Supplier Performance Guarantee

Over the past 10 years, the PCB Manufacturing Industry in the United States has drastically downsized due to offshore upstarts. We have fortunately weathered this industry protocol by providing Superior Personalized Service and High-Quality PCB Solutions to our existing customers, and in the meantime, have grown our customer base predominately via referrals. Just like our customers, we are committed to continuous quality and process improvements in order to meet current industry and consumer demands.

Since our beginning in 1979, we have focused on understanding and meeting our customers' requirements, and by providing valued solutions that allow our customers to remain successful. Our commitment to personalized service, quality and process improvement is our way of life, and that commitment transcends to our customers.

As an established leader in the PCB market, we believe we offer the best value anywhere.