Massey Zamani

VP of Sales & Marketing

Massey brings to Circuit Services Worldwide over 30 years of experience in Sales & Marketing in field of Electronics, Measurement systems, Medical, PCBA and PCB design and manufacturing. Massey has worked for OEMs globally such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Texaco. Massey has been able to align Circuit Services PCB Capabilities with our customer's PCB needs and can do the same for your company. Please contact Massey at, or call him directly at 208-841-2163.

Jason Dresdow

Engineering Manager

Jason brings 20 years of PCB experience to Circuit Services Worldwide. His fluency with every imaginable type of PCB technology ensures that you�ll get your product done right every time. He looks forward to assisting you with any task big or small. Please contact Jason at, or call him directly at 425-454-7181 Ext. 123.

Terrie Black

Quality Assurance Manager

Terrie has over 20 years of experience as a quality professional in the printed circuit board industry, and has been Quality Assurance Manager at CSWW for more than 10 years. She is responsible for incoming product inspection, with the primary goal of ensuring that our customers receive product that meets and exceeds their expectations. Her functions include the monitoring of our internal Quality System, as well as the review and approval of our supplier's Quality Systems. Terrie is happy to share her technical expertise with your team regarding PCB manufacturing, supplier capabilities, materials, quality and assembly issues. Her e-mail address is