Taiwan Production - Facilities

CSWW - TAIWAN is at the leading edge of technology in our field and continues to invest heavily in R&D projects. We have surveyed over five top PCB suppliers in Taiwan and we can certainly meet most of your requests.

Recently we have fully implemented Solder Mask Screening Technology in PTH. We are now also capable of producing 36 layer circuit boards with High Density Printed Circuitry.

Currently our R&D department is looking at the use of layer technology to burn Trough Holes 2-6 millimeters in diameter.

We will also be increasing our production of ever-thinner-multi-layer circuit boards and high-density circuit boards. Superior Research & Development programs ensure CSWW - TAIWAN and our customers a profitable future.

In order to increase production, lower costs, and improve quality, we are in the process of purchasing the newest automated equipment for our production line.

Only the latest in automatic equipment ensures that the lengthy intricate process of circuit board production is completely controlled and monitored.